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We envision a future

Awareness Campaigns

Initiate expansive campaigns to highlight the significant advantages and untapped potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Political Presence

Provide financial support to political advocates of cryptocurrency and lead the establishment of a specialized lobbying group to advocate for favorable cryptocurrency regulations.

Crypto Education

Supply educational materials to schools and libraries, and organize workshops and seminars with the goal of improving cryptocurrency literacy among diverse audiences.

Unbiased Reporting

Create an impartial crypto news platform to counteract the prevalent misinformation and biased reporting in today's digital media landscape.

Discover our roadmap

A testament to our dedication and commitment in revolutionizing the crypto landscape. Track our milestones, current ventures, and future plans as we trailblaze our path in the world of crypto.

Q3 2023

  • Tokenomics Redesign
  • BENFi Platform Design
  • V2 tokenomics announced
  • Ambassador Program Launched

Q4 2023

  • BenFi.io Launch
  • V2 Migration
  • Team Restructure
  • Manual Migration Application Processing
  • $BEN Exchange Listings Converted to V2
  • $BEN Loyalty Claim
  • SIM Swap Pre-Claim Open

Q1 2024

  • $BEN Rebrand
  • Website Launch
  • SIM Swap Reimbursement Claims Open
  • $BEN Staking on BENFi.io
  • $BEN Newsletter Launch

Q2 2024

  • SIM Swap Reimbursement Concludes
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • BENFi Platform Rebuild + Launch
  • Partnerships Expanded
  • Implementation of $BEN Burning
  • $BEN Conference Attendance
  • $BEN education & courses

Q3 2024

  • Organize and Host IRL $BEN COIN events
  • Research and back chosen pro crypto candidates
  • Full scale educational courses/classes/discussions on upcoming crypto policies.
  • TBA

Q4 2024

Coming Soon