What is $BEN Coin?

$BEN Coin is a cryptocurrency and a collective aimed at promoting the understanding and adoption of crypto. We emphasize education, advocacy, transparency, and representation, intending to create a future where digital assets are widely used and valued for their potential.

What are the benefits of $BEN Coin Membership?

$BEN Coin Membership gives you access to exclusive content and private Discord groups, ensuring you stay updated with the latest developments and have an active role in the collective's future.

How can I get involved with the $BEN Coin community?

There are numerous ways to become part of the $BEN Coin community. You can join our Discord channel, become a Community Ambassador, or stake and lock your $BEN to actively participate in the collective's future.

What is the role of proposals in $BEN Coin?

Proposals in $BEN Coin are crucial for shaping the collective's direction. By submitting a proposal, you contribute to our mission of making crypto accessible to everyone with your innovative ideas.

Where can I trade $BEN Coin?

$BEN Coin is available on a growing list of exchanges. Click the Trade $BEN button in the navigation above for an updated list and select the one that suits you best.

Can I Still migrate my $BEN V1 Tokens to V2?

No, migration was officially closed on December 2023. $BEN V2 is now live. We will not process anymore migrations, no exceptions.