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Roadmap May 29, 2023

Game-Changing BEN Coin Roadmap Revealed!

Welcome to last week’s news update on CryptoTvplus. We bring you the latest headlines, including BitBoy’s unveiling of the Ben coin roadmap, major companies joining the Brazilian CBDC pilot, the closure of Unbanked, Bitpanda’s licensing agreement with Coinbase, and upcoming blockchain events. Stay tuned as we delve into these significant developments shaping the cryptocurrency landscape.

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$BEN May 26, 2023

Exploring BEN Coin – Will the BEN Token 10x?

The BEN token is one of many memecoins that broke out in the second quarter of 2023. However, while many of those ERC20 tokens had a short-lived initial pump and then stayed down, BEN managed to recover. Following an 80% retrace after the initial pump, BEN went on a 100x-plus rally in less than two days. Then, another 80% retrace took place but now BEN is setting its new all-time high (ATH).

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Partnerships May 26, 2023

Ben coin and the Hourglass Collective annouce strategic partnership

The BEN Coin Collective ($BEN) has been dominating crypto industry chat and social media trending lists since the announcement that Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong has taken on a key leadership role in the quickly growing community. Their latest move is a strategic partnership with The Hourglass Collective, which was born out of the decentralized community surrounding $WAIT token.

Roadmap May 25, 2023

Ben Coin Roadmap UNVEILING (ULTIMATE Crypto Revolution)

We've been talking about $BEN coin for a while now, but what exactly is the plan for it? Well, this coin may just lead the charge for the future of crypto adoption. In this video I go into detail on the $BEN coin roadmap, giving you insight into our plans for community, marketing, education, and more!

AMA May 23, 2023

BEN COIN AMA 24/5 with Bitboycrypto

Any exchange listings this week? We have decided to focus on two main exchanges first. We are basically going to let them fight out who can get us listed first. Should be end of week or next week at latest. Who are the new team members? We will be announcing a new COO in the next few days. Maybe as soon as tomorrow!

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$BEN May 23, 2023

$BEN Coin Price Prediction - New ATH Incoming? These Tokens Could Be Next Explode

$BEN, the controversial meme coin created by crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, has soared 25% in the last 24 hours. The latest rise comes after a tumultuous week of trading in $BEN. Could this be the start of a move to a new all-time high? As traders debate whether the latest move in $BEN is the start of a pump or just a temporary blip, they’re also keeping an eye on a few emerging coins that look set to explode.

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$BEN May 22, 2023

10+ Meme Coins to Watch in 2023

A new type of digital currency has taken the crypto market by storm in recent years – meme coins. Often created as a joke with hilarious or absurd names and logos referencing viral internet memes and buzzwords, these coins are marketed on social media platforms through even more memes and viral content.

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$BEN May 8, 2023

Crypto Influencer Bitboy Support $BEN Meme Coin ; Price Up 16x Today

Amid the rise of new meme coins like Pepe and WOJAK, famous crypto influencer Ben Armstrong alias @Bitboy_Crypto on X has announced his support for the BEN coin. Notably, the $BEN meme coin was listed on Binance-backed Coinmarketcap and Coingecko on Monday, which significantly increased its global reach. As of reporting time, the $BEN token had total liquidity of about $5 million on Uniswap (V3).

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