$BEN Coin Collective (BCC)

From a viral tweet to a global mission, BEN Coin is more than a token—it's a symbol of our collective drive towards crypto adoption.

What we’re about

The BCC serves as a catalyst for crypto adoption, creating streamlined connections between the crypto ecosystem and everyday individuals. We envision a future where the power and potential of digital assets are not only understood, but fully utilized and appreciated. Through our unwavering commitment to education, advocacy, transparency, and representation, we plan to fostering a financial future that's inclusive, progressive, and accessible to all.


Awareness Campaigns

Launch comprehensive campaigns aimed at shedding light on the vast benefit and unexplored potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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Political Presence

Offer financial backing to political advocates of cryptocurrency and spearhead the formation of a dedicated lobbying group to champion pro-crypto regulations.

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Crypto Education

Provide educational resources to schools and libraries, and host workshops and seminars, all aimed at enhancing cryptocurrency literacy across diverse audiences.

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News & Updates

Unbiased Reporting

Establish an unbiased crypto news platform to counterbalance the prevalent trend of misinformation and skewed reporting in today's digital media landscape.

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Discover our roadmap: a testament to our dedication and commitment in revolutionizing the crypto landscape. Track our milestones, current ventures, and future plans as we trailblaze our path in the world of crypto.

Q2: 2023

  • Establish Collective
  • Expand Team
  • Form Advisory Board
  • Initiate Awareness Campaign
  • Contract Lobbying Firm
  • New Exchange Listings
  • Foster Partnerships
  • Develop Social Media & Site
  • Set $BEN Sale Limits on BCC

Q3: 2023

  • Launch $BEN for Governance
  • Initiate Crypto News Platform
  • Start Library Campaign
  • Unveil Community Program
  • Quarterly Spending Report
  • Set Up Voting System
  • Pursue More Exchange Listings

Q4: 2023

  • Begin Community Initiative Voting
  • Announce Future Roadmap
  • Integrate Educational Campaigns
  • Form Crypto Adoption Teams
  • Start Crypto Workshops

Team, Advisors & Partners

Cassandra Wolfe
Cassandra Wolfe

Team | CEO

Greg Magarshak
Greg Magarshak